Purification of the organism

on the shore of Lake Baikal, the most pure lake in the world


kilograms can be lost in 6 days


Program of starvation lasts days


people – an average size of the group


types of programs for different purposes

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The effective way to get rid of all the excess

Stress and fatigue

Disconnecting from daily sources of stress reboots and relaxes the mind

Excess weight

Purification of the organism from slags normalizes weight and regulates the metabolism


After a few days of starvation craving to smoke weakens and on the 7-10 day completely disappears.


The procedures of the complex rearrange the work of the organism and normalize hormones

Chronic diseases

Absence of food gives the organism the opportunity to do self-healing

Calorie restriction and dietary therapy — the natural recovery of the organism

After therapy you will return home vigorous, with a fresh new energy and in a good mood. Your general health will improve, extra weight will be lost, the symptoms of chronic diseases will be facilitated. All this will happen to you on the background of the unique nature of Lake Baikal - one of the most energetically powerful places on the Earth.

Personal consultation

The dietitian with experience of 10 years will answer all your questions and pick up the program depending on your goals and indices of health.

A secluded area on
the shore of Lake Baikal

Guaranteed results of treatment
Well-equipped comfortable rooms
Healthy nutrition from our diet-cook
Unique nature, just 10 minutes from the shore of Lake Baikal

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Lake Baikal — the pearl of Siberia

You will see magnificent views of one of the largest and the most ancient lakes on the planet, sandy beaches, a relic forest and incredibly clean air - no industrial facilities poisoning the atmosphere for hundreds of kilometers around.

175 kilometers from Ulan-Ude or 2,5 hours driving by car, and you are already in a new reality.